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My nerves the last 24hrs have been more intense than anything I've felt since the 24 hours leading up to the Marshall ride I took with Shona last spring. 

Shona and I took off to Marshall on a ride that on any other day would be just a relaxing pedal along the French Broad River. This ride had been how she and I got to know each other as we merged from ridding buddies to partners. This time I'm not only carrying snacks in my jersey but also concealing the ring that I will offer as I take a knee on the Marshall bridge.

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Now as I sit on the plane headed to AZ my nerves are high and reminded of that ride to Marshall and how blessed I am to have found Shona. Her love and support had helped me bounce back from lows and keeping me humble during the highs.

The AZTR750 has many twist this year due to fires and snow. The race forum has been full of anticipation as the race day has drawn near. What will I encounter as I give the race my all peddling through the night, through snow, over mountains and across the Grand Canyon. Adding to the emotions leading up to the race, last week on March 31, 2017 the ultraendurance mountain bike world was crushed with the news of Mike Hall's death during the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Mike was one of the greatest figures in adventure bike racing. Mike has inspired me and many others to dream big and go for it. Along with many others I'll take on my races this summer riding for Mike starting with the AZTR750.

“Trust your legs”- Mike Hall

Check me out as I race 750miles across Arizona and through the Grand Canyon at:

Big thanks to the crew at Liberty Bikes and Find Your Line Bikes for helping me keep out on the trails as the long miles of training I have broken most everything on my bike.

Thanks for my family and friends who have given me their love and support despite the fact of how crazy my adventures maybe. Thanks to the Beer City CrossFit fam for allowing me to take off and chase my dreams. 

Looking forward to having brews and sharing stories with all of you when I return.

Shona McHone