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One of my favorite treats post ride or run is an Asheville local brew but how will this effect my waistline this summer. Going out and enjoying outdoor recreation activities is a great way to burn calories while enjoying natures playground. Pay to play is the motto in these mountain so how much activity is needed to balance the calories in vs. out equation so that you don't start tacking on unwanted pounds. 

Lets start off with some basic calculations of how many calories are burned while strolling through the woods or shredding the knar. Here is the average break down of calories per hour burned for the following activities:

  •        Mountain Biking = 525cal per hr

  •        Road Biking = 650cal per hr

  •        Kayaking = 450cal per hr

  •        Trail Running = 650cal per hr

  •        Hiking = 500cal per hr

  •        Climbing = 450cal per hr ascending, 250cal per hr decending

  •        Floating the French Broad = 50cal per hr

These numbers are based off of moderate intensity of a 180lb male. Individuals weighing less than 150lbs will burn roughly 50cal per hour less per hour and individuals weighing 200lbs will burn roughly 50cal per hour more.

So how do these numbers stack up with the calorie amounts in some of Asheville's favorite recovery brews. Since most breweries wont have a nutrition label on there bottle and if your properly recovering your drinking your favorite recovery beverage from the tap. The chart below can be used to calculate the amount of calories in your local brew even if all you know is the ABV(Alcohol By Volume). Also keep in mind that the standard pint is a 16oz pour. 


The following are a few examples of how this chart can convert some of the classic Asheville brews to calories per serving.

  •       Golem = 330 cal per 13oz serving

  •       Iron Rail = 280 cal per pint, 210 cal per 12 oz can

  •       Pisgah Pale Ale = 200 cal per pint, 150 cal per 12oz can

  •       Chocolatized = 480 cal per pint

  •       Catawba PB&J = 230 cal per pint, 175 cal per 12oz can

  •       Perfect Day IPA = 260 cal per pint, 195 cal per 12oz can

  •       Shiva = 240 cal per pint, 180 cal per 12oz can

  •       Highland Black Mocha Stout = 200 cal per pint

  •       Pernicious = 290 cal per pint

These are a few popular post ride personal favorites of mine. This chart make it easy to convert your favorites to calories so that you can be informed with your recovery selection. 

So what does this mean when it comes back to thinking about taking in more calories that have been burned during and hour of recreation. One example would be if you got a one hour mountain bike ride in at Bent Creek  you could have two pints of Iron Rail at the Wedge and still have the equation balanced. On the other side if you go out for a one hour hike in Pisgah and decide to drop by Pisgah Brewing for a pint you could have 2 pints of Pisgah Pale Ale or one pint of Chocolatized.

Hopefully this chart will help y'all stay lean while enjoying the best brews and mountain adventure that Western North Carolina has to offer. Also make sure you also hydrate with at least 16oz of H2O with every pint. Be kind to your body an it will be kind to you when you are out playing in Pisgah. 

Drink responsibly and keep playing!