Why Performance Training?

Why Performance Training?


Performance training is for all athletes, enthusiasts, and active people. It is the selection of certain exercises, intensities, and exercise order for the specific outcome of improved performance. Through proper programing of strength and conditioning with periodization, clients are able to raise their baseline ability (their athleticism). This lays the foundation for higher peak performances, especially when combined with activity or sport-specific training outside. By supplementing an active lifestyle with performance training, clients and athletes alike are able to apply themselves with a higher level of strength, power, resiliency, and cardiovascular potential.

why performance training

Our strength and conditioning classes utilize periodized programing. From training block to training block, exercises, and workouts are specifically selected to build on each other. Periodized training keeps us improving and avoiding plateaus; it makes us most capable for our activities or events. Strength training can not only makes us stronger and faster, but it also makes us more resilient and less prone to injury. Resistance exercises build and strengthen muscles, as well as strengthen bone, tendons, and ligaments. Stability, mobility, and core strength are also important in injury prevention; not all strength training is using weights. By including core and stability exercises we build a stronger and more stable foundation.


A strong and capable cardiovascular system is a crucial part of performance. Our cardiovascular system supplies oxygen and nutrients to our muscles. Conditioning classes focus on improving cardiovascular performance through primarily circuit-based (or circuit type) workouts with heart rate monitoring. We implement Polar heart rate monitor training during sessions to most effectively train the cardiovascular system. Specific and effectively programmed conditioning sessions can be like strength and power training for the heart. With real-time biometric feedback, clients are able to accurately hit and maintain programmed cardio intensities and heart rate zones.

Whatever your activity or sport, the most effective way to improve performance is to train with specificity. Whether it’s your first big ride or your 5th marathon, performance training is for anyone looking to replace “going to the gym” with training for your passion.