Mtn Strength & Conditioning


Looking to climb faster, push harder, feel stronger and more confident? Mtn Strength & Conditioning is designed for outdoor endurance athletes, outdoor recreation enthusiast, and competitive sports performance. The training cycles progressively increase the athletes work capacity so they are stronger for the upcoming season.





These workouts will test how well you can move and test how well you can endure. The programming for Mtn Lion and Mtn Core are designed so that individuals peak out for their competitive season or peak outdoor recreation/adventure season. All conditioning classes use Polar Flow heart rate monitoring to ensure that athletes are working in the right heart rate zone for each workout.  

* Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first time in one of these classes to insure enough time to set up your Polar account before class starts.

** TRX: Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.





Learn the foundational movements necessary to build a solid base before taking on more challenging adventure fitness classes. The exercises in this class will be mainly bodyweight movements working on building a solid relative strength. Relative strength is an individual's amount of strength to body size, or how strong you are for your size. This reflects a person's ability to control or move their body through space, a vital trait when adventuring.




Total body restorative stretching and mobilizing. Long static stretches and SMR(self myofascial release) techniques to help athletes increase mobility and help with increase recovery time.